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Scentiment Soap

Money Manifesting Box

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Write down exactly what you want on the piece of
paper & put it away where you don't normally look.
Light the candle & begin your ritual in the tub or
shower. Boost your intention by adding the elixir
Speak it into existence! This natural set manifests: MONEY & ABUNDANCE:

M⃣ o⃣ n⃣ e⃣ y⃣ D⃣ r⃣ a⃣ w⃣ i⃣ n⃣ g⃣ G⃣ i⃣ f⃣ t⃣ B⃣ o⃣ x⃣:


.Patchouli Money Drawing Soap
. Vetiver Bath Fizzer
.Patchouli Bath Elixir
. Tea Light
.Soap Tray
. Paper

✨Manifest Money, Pay it forward✨

All designs/colors in soap, trays, & elixir vary.

Hand made by Rikki.